The National Children’s Concert Band

The National Children’s Concert Band takes players aged between 10 and 14 who are at least Grade 4 standard on their chosen instrument. Although this minimum standard is recommended to ensure our players can have an enjoyable week and accessing the music chosen, NCCB Section Lead players are often Grade 6 standard or even higher.

Entrance to NCCB is determined by an online audition process (see below for further information), where prospective NCCB members submit a video recording of the set excerpts and two contrasting pieces. Position of players in each section within the band is decided by the Band’s conductor once all auditions have been received.

NCCB is conducted by Adam Broughton, whose experience working with youth ensembles has allows him to select music that will both challenge and engage our NCCB players. Recent NCCB repertoire has included arrangements from How to Train Your Dragon and Warhorse, David Maslanka’s ‘Rollo Takes a Walk’, and more traditional repertoire including Malcom Arnold’s English Dances and Holst’s Moorside suite. Adam works alongside our team of Course Tutors to develop the skills and musicality of NCCB members. Our players spend the majority of the first few days of the Easter residential in a combination of small sectional and full rehearsals, working with specialist instrumental Tutors to refine their technique and work on specific aspects of each piece.

Larger Wind, Brass and Percussion section rehearsals throughout the week allow participants greater understanding of how their parts fit with others in their section, while full rehearsals bring the Band together. Our members are always surprised how much progress they make in such a short space of time when working with our Tutors.

It is always a delight to see NCCB members developing their instrumental playing during the year, with many taking the step up to NYCB when they reach the appropriate age.

"She absolutely loved her week at NCCB in Stamford and was in her element playing such a diverse range of music with a lovely bunch of people. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful environment with so many fantastic musical experiences." ~ Parent of a player in NCCB 2024

The Audition 

Audition Requirements

You will be asked to submit a video of you playing:

a) Two contrasting pieces lasting no more than 5 minutes.

You may choose an extract or single movement from a piece to stay within the time limit. Accompaniment is not necessary, but you may use an accompanist or backing track if you wish.

b) The set excerpts for your instrument.

We recommend that you listen to the pieces from which the excerpts have been taken and look over them with your teacher before recording your audition. The entire audition should be done in one continuous take – video editing is not permitted; however, you may of course record your audition multiple times and choose your best one to submit to us.

Helpful hints for recording your audition

- Listen to the piece and get an idea of the style/sound before you try and learn it. There are some great recordings on Youtube that you can listen to.

- Take the extracts to your teacher

- Practise with a metronome. Rhythmically accurate but a bit under tempo is better than trying to play it faster than you can manage.

- Have a few goes at recording your audition, you don’t have to send us the first attempt. We’d like to hear you play your best so take your time, get used to playing to the camera and if attempt no.4 is the best then that’s the one to send!

- Play something you know you can play really well, rather than something you’re not so confident with.

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